Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Castle Adventure

Every now and then you have a day where you call up two of your best friends, who are conveniently on spring break as elementary school teachers, and you say this:

Tomorrow we're going on an adventure. We're going to a castle.

And luckily they say yes!

Thus began our castle adventure day where we took a mini road trip to Doylestown, PA to visit the Mercer Museum and Fonthill Castle, all courtesy of the amazingly talented renaissance man, Henry Mercer.

I have an obsession with castles. I work in one. know, on a campus with one. So when I realized that another castle was in my backyard (and by backyard I mean MILES away from my backyard) I had to go.

First stop was the Mercer Museum which holds hundreds of amazing artifacts, original horse and buggies (no horses), apothecary bottles, whaling boats, muskets, spinning wheels. Enough to make you think you've wandered into a store for Oregon Trail supplies. And it's all inside a castle-like building.

Top floor of the Mercer Museum

Angel tiles

Tools for punishment...eek!
Floors 6-2 are wide open, and it basically looks like you're at Hogwarts or more specifically, inside Gringotts
Ye olde class room
Sharply spiked pew
Baskets and little chairs hung from the ceiling
I churned butter (vegan style) with Henry's dog Rollo on my lap
We visited a library with a balcony!
We found a vampire killing kit! Check out the cross!
And I learned how to drive a horse and buggy.
After that it was on to the castle, where sadly we couldn't take any pictures inside. But we could outside!

Driving into the castle
Here I am in front of Fonthill Castle
So that was my adventure. We were also hoping for ghosts to pop out, because every castle needs at least one ghost, but it was a very fun, and un-haunted day.

Have you guys gone on any recent adventures?


  1. Love it. No real adventures unless you count getting lost in the NYPL and following Sarah LaPolla into the bathroom LOL looking for the panel room..... :P This looks so fun though and it looks like you went on a perfect sunny day too :)

    1. Haha, following people into a bathroom and walking them to the bathroom is one of my specialties.

  2. Nothing exciting. This place looks awesome. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Only the adventures in my own head. :--) AWESOME!


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